Tuesday, May 5, 2009


From Treppenwitz and MOChassid:

My choices in bold. If I say "it depends", it just proves I'm a good lawyer.

Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate
Nestle's or Hershey's
Scotch or Bourbon
Road Bike or Mountain Bike (neither, recumbent bike)
American League or National League (National Hockey League)
Hitting Pitchers or Designated Hitters (Donald Brashear is my DH. Free Donald!)
Ketchup or Mustard (it depends)
Ice Cream or Sorbet
Downhill or X-Country
Mac or Windows
Horns or Synthesizers
White Wine or Red Wine
Aisle or Window
Non-Stop or Stopover
Root Beer Float or Ice Cream Soda (neither, shakes)
Creamy or Chunky
Smoking or Non-Smoking
Plane or Train (it depends)
Sailboat or Motorboat (no boats)
White Gold or Yellow Gold
Rocks or Neat
Dog or Cat
Candy bar-style or Flip-phone
Steam-room or Sauna
Tea or Coffee
Sugar or Splenda
Fiction or Non-Fiction (it depends)
Burned to a Crisp or Bloody as Hell
Martin & Lewis or Amos & Andy
Flats or Heels
Pants or Skirts
Army or Navy
Dark Meat or White Meat
Sauce or Dry Rub
Automatic or Stick Shift
Bar Soap or Body Wash
Set Menu or À La Carte
Dressed Salad or Dressing On The Side
Cut To The Chase or Shaggy Dog Story
Long Hair or Short Hair
Driver or Passenger
Coder or WYSIWYG
Crossword or Sudoku (it depends)
Chess or Go
Boxers or Briefs
Now or Later
Indoors or Al Fresco
Coke or Pepsi
Betty or Wilma
Ginger or Maryanne (neither, The Professor)


~Jess said...

love the question about salad lol I immediately thought about a head of lettuce stripping lol

JJ said...

I have to agree: milkshakes top all the float varieties=)

Amy W said...

Hey, I just stopped by to say thanks for entering the Great Cakes Soapworks gift certificate giveaway at Geek by Marriage. Best wishes to you!! And DARK chocolate rules!!!