Friday, May 1, 2009

Vent On and Off

Oh, I'm so ready for my tea today. This Friday has been dragging on and on.

Nothing really going on here. Lemme just vent for a second: John Dear doesn't open mail. Any mail at all. Because his mother never let any of them open the mail, so now he just brings it in (if he even bothers to do that) and dumps it somewhere or everywhere. Come the f-ck on! WTF do you do all day? You can't even open the g. fricken. d. mail!? Why do I have to do everything?

Vent over. I found a big envelope from the Giant Fertility Clinic, which was mailed before our nurse got the news that we were going forward with donor sperm as opposed to IVF. It had a whole lotta stuff that we needed to get done before we cycled; luckily, most of the stuff only applies to IVF and I don't need to worry about it. The things that we do need are: to get consents signed (no problem), GYN checkup (done and faxed over already) and renew blood tests. So, tomorrow morning, instead of going to my first ever farmer's market, I've got to spend a couple hours with the unwashed-and-presumably-incubating-swine-flu masses at our local lab. At least I have a large amount of books from the library to go through while I sit waiting for the vampires.

After I get back from the Faux-Cullens' (the lab for you non-Twilight-ers out there), we'll probably be going directly to the CAPS game - Game 1 of the second round of the playoffs. Let's hope we play better overall in this round against the ever-annoying Penguins.

I think we're going out for dinner on Saturday night with a friend of JD's and his fiancee (I think I spoke about them once before as Hogan and The Cake Taker). Hogan can be a lot of fun; The Cake Taker is tolerable, when I practice patience.

Vent on again. On Sunday, it's one of JD's nephews' birthdays. SIL thought up a great idea for the activity and that was to draft all these 5-year olds into manual labor. Don't want to specify as to what, but suffice it to say that what they will be painting doesn't require great technique and allows the kids to get as dirty as they want to be. MIL told me to wear ratty clothes. Um, hi, I am not 5 and, as such, will not be participating in the activity. No need to lay out the dress code for me, but thanks.

In the same conversation that she told me about the dress code, MIL also told me that she thought up a great gift that I should get SIL for Mother's Day. (Screeching tires). What, what, what?!! I won't be getting anything for SIL for Mother's Day because, as I'm sure you're aware, she is not MY mother and I'm not about to celebrate her simply for the fact that she does have kids. Hopefully, I get through Sunday without killing any of my in-laws. Vent off again.


FunkyFrum said...

Well, I hope your May Day ends better then it started.

Clare said...

I feel your pain sister. What is it with MILs? Do they always have to fulfill every irritating, overbearing stereotype? You MIL is so way out of line... buying your SIL a present for MOTHER'S DAY, who does that?? I wish you the very best of luck with staying sane this weekend. One word of advice: dont stand within arms length of any sharp objects :)

Lorza said...

Um, I am with you there- why in the FECK would you by your SIL a Mom's Day present. Honestly. Your MIL should tell your BIL what to get her...or buy it her own damn self.

ugh. Perhaps SHE should make sure she is wearing ratty clothes to the party. heh heh heh. I am seeing something like Problem Child develop in my brain...heeeee heeee

chicklet said...

This whole buying gifts for everyone's a whose a mother annoys me. For my friends who have kids, I did something for them for their first mother's day - cuz they're my friends and i wanted to celebrate with them - but that's it. Every year after that, they're on their own. They're not MY mother, and I have enough mothers, mother-in-laws, and grandmothers of my own to buy for.

Me said...

Until just a few months ago The Man had never opened any mail either. However, after he opens it he just puts it in a pile for me to address. But still, we're making progress!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I almost spit me coffee out...your MIL suggests what you should get your SIL for Mother's Day. Is she for real? Who the hell buys other people stuff for Mother's Day? That would piss me off.