Monday, October 19, 2009

First Day

Today is JD's first day of work at his new job. Thank G-D.

Since I got up early to help him get out of the house on time, I was able to accomplish a ton last night and this morning.

Last night I:
-Filled and ran the dishwasher
-Filled the tea pot for the morning
-Set out mugs, teabags and spoons
-Set out our clothes for the morning
-Charged JD's phone
-Set up my bags and bag of dry cleaning by the door

This morning I:
-Made the bed
-Made tea
-Emptied the dishwasher
-Put all the breakfast dishes, spoons, etc. in the dishwasher
-Brought in the dry cleaning
-Deposited checks at the bank and took out money
-Brought The Boy to day care

I wonder if I can keep this level of effectiveness up?


Melissa G said...

Busy girl. Good for you!

Quiet Dreams said...

I am impressed!

sonja said...

Wow, you make my morning routine sound rather embarrassing. =)

Impressive! Hope JD's first day goes well!

Kymberli said...

I need to channel my inner Jen and try to strive for some productivity of my own. Just as soon as I get finished commenting on blogs....


PJ said...

Sounds great!

I have decided that I have waves of efficiency. As in, sometimes I can be super efficient and others, not so much. I got soooo much done this weekend, only because I know I'm getting ready to do two days of bedrest and don't want to be stuck looking at a mess! Funny what can motivate me! :)

Io said...

If you do, please feel free to come over and organize MY life?!

Lin said...

Very impressive! I'd love it if some of that would rub off via the osmosis of visiting your blog! LOL!

AmandaMqn said...

I'm currently trying to get my BA in history b/c I love it so much! Glad you had such a productive morning!