Thursday, October 29, 2009


Everyone I know must read this. NOW. It made me spit out my drink and most of my internal organs with laughter.

Then, come back here and tell me your thoughts on: a) how it absolutely stinks that Glee was not on this week, b) this week's episode of Top Chef, and c) my inability to keep off any of the weight I lose.


LJ said...

That is fucking hilarious, like beyond brilliance so many times over in one blog post.

C) blows for sure. Perhaps if I stopped drinking wine that would help me, but then I'd be without wine, and well, that's just not gonna happen.

Trinity said...

A)Missing Glee for sure this week.

B) Soooo sooooo happy to see you-know-who get knifed last night on Top Chef (not wanting to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it last night!). I mean, seriously, what a relief. There's only so much douchebaggery I can handle. And that probably just gave it away...

C)My own nutrition/exercise habits are so in the toilet right now. I'm the last person to render any insight. I'm worthless. ;)

Liddy said...

Okay that was great.

A) Don't watch Glee- hate me for it.
B) Didn't watch Top Chef
C) I am completely f-ing up my nutrition and exercise habits. Maybe I will get better when the ice and I are staring each other down.

Kymberli said...

I had pink jellies with glitter in them, and I had another pair with lace sandwiched in between the plastic somehow. Neither pair made me a princess, but they were good for kicking boys' asses so they were still winners in my book. It's an important skill, being able to kick boys' asses and still maintain a semblance of ladylike daintiness.

A) I actually may have shed a couple of tears when I saw that baseball was on instead of my beloved Glee. Bitches.

B) Top Chef - was glad to see that person go, but was really expecting blondie to go. She really started falling off the horse a few episodes ago.

C) I'm not even losing weight, so you're one up on me even though you're somehow gaining it back.

sonja said...


"Except no one in jail wears an iron mask so it’s going to be conspicuous. I don’t know if you’ve been in jail recently but there aren’t a lot of masks around. They frown on that sort of thing. Especially iron ones because you can use the metal to make a shiv. Don’t ask me how I know this."


a) I do not watch Glee! I know, I suck.

b) Re: Top Chef ... what has happened to Jenn? Why is she falling apart? Also, I think Michael is going to win, what do you think?

c) I have the opposite problem, being severely underweight. I think this is part of why my eggs are so crappy. Maybe we can meet in the middle on this one? said...

blog, hilarious!

don't want glee

b-meh i would've preferred someone to have left first but whateva whateva ;)

kirke said...

I can't believe that anyone would rather watch the World Series than Glee. It kind of ruined my Wednesday. I'm also thinking that I'm ready for Robin to go on Top Chef. I don't like how everyone picks on her, but she just doesn't seem to be on the same level. If Michael V. wins, I'm going to be more than a little sad.

mybumpyjourney said...

That was so funny- thank you for sharing. I told her she needed to challenge the current princess with a round in the Thunderdome Mad Max style. :)

okay, to your questions. I have never watched Glee or Top Chef.

I yo yo so much with my weight my stretch marks have stretch marks. I have a g3p0 body...yet nothing to show for it! :)

Jo said...

OMG -- hilarious! I am totally adding her to my reader. Thanks!

As for the rest, yes on A & C. I love, love, love Glee -- and hate, hate, hate my weight loss battle. Which I am currently losing. *sigh*

Hugs coming your way!


R.J. said...

Thanks for posting - that was hilARious!!

Girl, Esq. said...

Top the elimination. It's like whatever, whatever. I'm never going to Zaytinya again, that's my whatever, whatever. And what was up with him manhandling Jen when he got eliminated? I thought she and the angry Voltag bro were hooking up. Is she getting around or is Mike I. thinking he's hotter than he is (more likely the second option)?

But Robin needs to go, as she reminds me of my former almost-MIL, which is distressing for me.