Friday, October 23, 2009


Please forgive me for interrupting the current programming with a surprise part 3 of our four hundred thousand, seven hundred and ninety two part series...

People Who Hate Me

So, I had to reset a password. The site sent me a temporary password to log in with. Yeah. The title above is my temporary password. They don't even know me and they're calling me a giant pig. Effers.

In other news, I commented at:

The Pitter-Patter (on her BFN)
The Baby Chase (on her pregnancy after IF)
On (In)fertile Ground (on being lapped)
Local Nourishment (on an awesome reusable grocery bag)
Into the Light Again (asking a question about knitting)

I returned a comment to:
Grace by Inches (aka Girl, Esq. who I know IRL!!) (on making good choices for herself)


Michelle said...

Seriously?! That's freakin crazy.

mybumpyjourney said...

OMG that is so freaking would have been crazier if it was GiantPig69. tee hee. :)

Krystal said...

I quite literally LOL'd when I read the giant pig part of your post! Hilarious!

Wishing you luck on Monday!!

Kelli said...

Just stopping by from ICLW. :)

I have to say, your blog's title had me laughing but the Giant289Pig was just too much. Bless your heart!

BTW...I also seem to belong to that "people who hate me" drama, too. Don't they always have the worst timing!?

Hope your weekend gets better...and good luck on Monday!

*Happy ICLW*

sonja said...

OMG are you kidding me?! Giant Pig?? That is some serious crap!

Jaymee said...

that is just insane! i am so sorry that this happened to you, i would be irate.


addingtothepack said...

Well at least the # wasn't higher than 289? Not a lot of positive spin to put on that one. They must get their temp passwords from the same word repository as blogger who puts out some weird word verifications on occassion.

Best of luck tomorrow.


nancy said...


Journey Girl said...

Cripes but that has had me laughing - thanks so much, I really needed that!!

All the best for your beta - I have everything crossed for you.


P.S. The word verification for this comment is WINGN - and wouldn't you know, I have been whinging all weekend - sometimes they are a little freaky!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the book recommendation in my blog comments. I bought it on Amazon and can't wait to get it.

Quiet Dreams said...

OMG, that's unbelievable! Ha!
Effing effers...

Fertilized said...

BLEH! but it's Monday and I am crossing all for you!