Thursday, October 22, 2009

Slog Going

Add cons.tip.ati.on to the list of symptoms at 11-12 dpiui (days past the IUI). Ugh. Was laid up last night on the couch with cramps from it, even though I ate an apple and spent all of Glee and Top Chef sipping water.

I'm meeting my mom today for lunch, and we usually go to this restaurant with fabulous veggie burgers. Seriously, they are the best veggie burgers EVER! I'm hoping that the beans in them will help. I'm also counting on the french fries for awesomeness.

Been following the basic routine today of being nauseated except when I'm eating. To paraphrase Sam the Blue Eagle, I'm a weirdo.

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Edited to add: the title of this post should be "Slow Going," but apparently, I can't type. Is that another symptom?


Lynn said...

Let's hope those symptoms are leading up to some good news! I'm crossing fingers and praying you get good news on Monday.


Suraita said...

I hope your symptoms turn out to be the symptoms everyone hopes for!

Maybe it is just me but the nauseated except when you are eating thing? Totally not weird.

I have been lurking and reading here for a long time so I figured now was a good time to say hello.


mybumpyjourney said...

Yeah for constipation!! :) I hope your poops are just sticking around to cheer on your wee one. :) Okay, yes, I have a sick sense of humor. I have weird potty humor. I know. I can't help it- it just poops into my head. I mean pops. tee hee.

Have you tried the cherry or lemon essence prunes? or the single wrapped sunkist prunes? They are so freaking yummy- they are like my candy (since I don't really eat candy) I convinced my DH to eat some when he was four days of constipation...I had to take them away after 4 prunes. LOL!!! I then had to go on a preperation H run from the hemorrhoids he got from all the pooping he did!!!

Good luck!!!

Melissa G said...

Symptoms sound promising.

Hope that sandwich helps! Lots of water should make a differnce too.

Good luck!

R.J. said...

Hoping this is the one for you!! Symptoms can only be a good thing at this point. FYI, I get nauseus when my stomach is empty too .... Hate the constipation too. I'm still looking for some effective home remedies. Fiber/water doesn't cut it!!

Searching for Serenity said...

Gas was my first symptom. TMI? I feel your pain.

PlumSmart is all I'm going to say.

Enjoy the veggie burger.

WannabeMommy said...

I like the idea of linking to your comments in your post... very handy!

Sorry to hear about your symptoms, but that veggie burger sounds like the perfect cure!

Happy ICLW!

Trinity said...

Thanks for the comment!:) Sending lots of good luck your way this cycle!

Regarding Top Chef, I'm definitely digging this season, though I had my doubts in the beginning. We're total nerds about the show... We're going to Brian V.'s restaurant for a romantic little Halloween dinner. :) It's in Frederick, MD...not too far from you!

Happy ICLW! I look forward to reading more...

Io said...

Boo constipation, but yay possible symptoms of knockedupedness?

Girl, Esq. said...

Are you going to Houston's for lunch? Because I adore their veggie burgers and now have a craving for one and may have to drive 6 hours to your neck of the woods just to have one. Their fries rock, too!

Oh, and hoping for the best for you, of course!

K said...

promising symptoms!

Sweet Pea said...

Oh, I love reading into symptoms as much as the next one ! Hopefully, you will sharing some good news in the future !

Hope you enjoy your time with you mom ...I would say the veggie burger and fries should help things along.


Lollipop Goldstein said...

Where? Take me for veggie burgers too--I loved your mum.

Well, er...don't take me this week because I'm disgusting, but another time.

Sending good thoughts with the symptoms.

AmandaMqn said...

Here's to hoping that the symptoms are going to bring good news!

romancing_the_stone said...

Love your blog. Did that password really come up or did you make it up? I'll be back for sure. ICWL Shell

Lifeslurper said...

Everything's crossed here for you, boobs, eyes, toes, legs, wishes!!!

Quiet Dreams said...

Oh, good luck, good luck.
I hope all of your discomfort has a great ending! :)

karlindaadoption said...

Good luck, and here's hoping the constipation goes soon.

Oh, & they must be the second best veggie burgers on the planet, 'cos the best ones are from the Ha Ha Veggie Bar at Camden Market. :)