Friday, November 9, 2007

Round, Round, Get Around

I've been meaning to post about how John Dear is getting around for awhile, but didn't get "A Round Tuit" until now.

JD's surgery requires that he cannot put any weight on his right foot for six weeks. Count 'em up, six. Tha's a lotta weeks! So, JD gets around mostly by wheelchair (lovingly donated by a family friend) and by crutches. Actually, he moves around mostly by dint of sheer will. It takes a heckuva lotta strength to move yourself around in a wheelchair or crutch to the bathroom while preventing your right foot from taking any weight or hitting any obstacle.
MIL and I have been sharing carpool duties getting JD to and from work (G-D bless MIL for doing this). In case you couldn't guess, JD can't drive because it's his gas pedal/brake foot that's involved here. So, one of us drives him in and the other picks him up. This is done by him leaping/hopping/rising on one foot and twirling around and falling from chair into the backseat of the car, handing over pillows and backpack to him, then wheeling chair to trunk, folding it up and (wo-)man-handling it into the car.

It's been doable, but it can be rough with all the things JD cannot do. Like, get himself a glass of water, or use the sink for brushing teeth, washing hands (we use alcohol-lotion), shaving and anything else you would do whilst standing. We are managing, though.

Can't wait for him to get out of that chair and back to walking. I'm sure that he's ready to do that too. Once the doctor pronounces him OK (2.5 weeks to go!), JD will start physical therapy. I am prepared for all sorts of unexpected fun with that. :)

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