Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Still Standing

Still here, just don't have a lot to say. John Dear was able to see his therapist last night for the first time since surgery. Thank goodness. I'm going to see mine in a half hour, which should help kick me out of the funk I'm in.

The funk may be due to lack of sleep caused (again) by John Dear waking me up with his snoring and peeing (in a urinal, b/c he can't get out of bed in the middle of the night) and flipping around like one of the Wallendas on speed. If he's in so much pain with the aftereffects of the surgery during the day, how can he move around like a human pretzel when asleep?

In other news, trouble causes problems....

Any possible analysis of my BBTs is now completely beyond me. The first month or two I had textbook charts. Last month, it was all over the place. This month, I show a huge drop and rise, but it's a week before I was supposed to ovulate. We managed to BD during this time, just in case. Any answers?

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