Thursday, February 21, 2008


Welcome to the Vomitorium. Spent all of Tuesday night with my head in a trash can -- couldn't make it to the bathroom. Well, that stopped yesterday morning after I got a couple doses of Emetrol in me (greatest invention known to humankind, did you know that?).

I missed my HSG (scheduled for this morning) and a business trip that I had been looking forward to.

I tried to take a shower this morning, but the water wouldn't come on. What's up with that? Didn't want to use the other bathroom since I'm trying to keep that germ-free for John Dear who will likely get sick anyways since he was up to his elbows in my throwup and The Boy's pee/poop/puke. BTW, The Boy is not sick, these incidents were merely a result of JD forgetting to take him out for his walk and JD feeding The Boy creamy ravioli. Guess what? Dogs don't do well on creamy, greasy food.

I want a grilled cheese sandwich and matzah ball soup. There is nothing good on TV. Going to get another hit of Gatorade now. Also, in case you've gotten this far, do you know why Spell Check no longer works on Blogger? Would like to blog more, but my head is spinning from sitting up for so long.


Jen said...

Oh, no. I hope you feel better soon!

Blogger's spell check has not worked in AGES. I am so mad at them. I tried to look up why but all I found out was that they knew about the problem and it would be fixed soon. But that was weeks ago and it still isn't fixed!

Fertilize Me said...

Oh poor you!! I hope you star feeling better soon!

And When I find out why spellcheck isn't working, I will let you know.

take care of yourself

Almamay said...

It sounds horrific. Hope you get better soon.

DH's and pets don't always mix. They want to give them what they think dogs/cats like instead of what is good for them.

Take care of yourself.

Jen said...

I just tagged you on my blog for the book meme. For when you feel better. :)

Ahuva Batya said...

I'm so sorry you are so sick, and you had to miss the HSG! Hope you are feeling better soon. Spell check hasn't worked for me for a couple weeks, but yesterday out of the blue it worked again. I have no idea what's going on.

Antigone said...

HSG's are the cat's pajamas.