Friday, February 8, 2008

Woman with a Plan, G-D laughs

I called the nurse at Giant Fertility Clinic this morning and told her my story, sad but true. She remarked that it was very unusual for me, but that it was possible that I might not have ovulated or might have ovulated late. She scheduled me for a blood test and perhaps an ultrasound on Monday to see what's going on. If I see AF this weekend, I just cancel.

Also told my nurse (who then related the tale to my doctor) about Dr. Az-hat. They both apologized, but stressed the need for John Dear to get a full workup and SA. Doc suggested a new urologist, assuring me that this one was very nice and would not be an az-hat. I hope so.
I took a journey on the treadmill last night for 30 minutes, in addition to taking The Boy for a long walk. I'm going to make this longer walking path our regular path from now on. I was worried that going on the treadmill so late in the day would keep me awake, but there were no problems there. (My only problem was the book that I'm currently listening to and the fact that I was listening about torture procedures in the 1950s while trying to fall asleep. Apparently, not the greatest idea I've ever had).

I've been bringing my sneakers to work with me all this week, but as yet have not gone walking. I plan to do so today; that way, I won't have to go on the treadmill tonight.


Fertilize Me said...

By George, You have a plan! I hope you get to see the dr on Monday and get some good news!

Good for you for walkling, It's so good for you

Jen said...

Walking is one of the only forms of exercise that doesn't make me want to die. Good choice!

FunkyFrum said...

Yea, I think that book would give me nightmares as well.

Geohde said...

Plans are good. I hate it when events and our own biology laugh in the face of a well prepared strategy, though.

Good luck with your appointment,


Juggling Frogs said...

G-d only laughs because He knows all the punchlines in advance.

I'm so proud of you for the walking. I'm going to celebrate by hopping on MY treadmill for the first time this MONTH.

I'm rooting for your next AF visit to be sometime in 2009!