Friday, February 29, 2008

Still Here

Life and work have been kicking my butt this week. In the interests of efficiency, I bring to you -- the bulleted list!

  • Unless you live under a rock, you may have heard that the U.S. housing market is experiencing some troubles. I work in housing -- we're experiencing some troubles.
  • Flew up to Boston on Sunday and gave a lecture on the condo craze on Monday morning at my alma mater. What a rush! Very cool, and it allowed me to see my college for the first time since graduation, May 1999. Plus, the professor and some other university folks took me to lunch at the Faculty Club where students aren't allowed to eat. My feeling of awesome status was only heightened by having the university president come up to meet me. So cool.
  • Went to the mikveh for the second time and experienced the same feeling of bliss and peace that I had after my first time. It's kind of like being coated in peace, love and hope.
  • Cooked dinner a few times and experienced good home-cooked meals. Yay for Dream Dinners!
  • Went to a wine tasting at my building last night and got to cross off one of my 101/1001 items. The wine tasting wasn't really well done, kind of chaotic. I'd like to go to one that is more geared to education.
  • BFF was offered a job up here and after thinking she wouldn't be able to take the job because of economic concerns, they called back and offered her more - enough for her to take the job! Yay for BFF!
  • Blogger has spell check up and running again. Yay for Blogger!


Io said...

Having your BFF move there sounds like the best of all! Yay.

Jen said...

One of my professors invited me back to give a talk. I so want to do it! But, I am a billion miles away and only go back during summer when school is closed. So sad.

Meghan said...

Busy week...glad you're back home