Tuesday, February 5, 2008

That's a Big Fat No, Chief

Took a test this morning; it's negative. It may just be early, but I'm trying not to pin all my hopes on that fact (umm, it may be a bit late for that).

Told John Dear, who did not take it well. He wants to stay home from work, lie in bed all day and cry. He's also talking about how he's a child who plays video games all day and why be a man because he's a huge failure.

I don't think he's a failure. I just don't think that this will happen for us in the traditional way. If it does, great. But there was a plan in place before these last couple of days, and we'll stick with that.

Told him that if I don't have a "definite no" tonight, that I will go buy more tests (b/c this morning's test was my last one in stock). We'll see. This just stinks.


LJ said...

I had to restock the other day. I was fresh outta sticks. It's white right now. UNLESS YOU TILT IT JUST RIGHT THEN MAYBEEEEE.


Fertilize Me said...

I am sorry you saw another negative test this morning - i hope that changes

Jen said...

I'm sorry. Negatives suck.

Io said...

Hm. That makes me think about how I would LOVE my husband to show SOME freaking emotion. And JD is seemingly over emotional. If we could just average them out it would be awesome.