Thursday, February 7, 2008

What's Goin' On?

Seriously, cause I have no idea right now. Negative sticks on Tuesday morning and Tuesday evening. But, I still haven't seen AF.

Didn't take any tests yesterday, nor this morning. No AF.

Dizziness and nausea ended on Tuesday morning to be replaced by mild cramps on Tuesday afternoon. AF, still a no show.

This morning, nausea returned. An hour ago, dizziness returned. AF could at least have let me know something by now. I'm available by phone or email. It's been a couple of days, she's actually being pretty rude.

Told John Dear that if AF hasn't shown up by tomorrow morning, that I will call my nurse at Giant Fertility Clinic and ask for a blood test.

In related news, I now weigh 5 billion pounds. This puts my BMI to about 100.2. If AF does come and we need to do IUI, GFC has a weight limit, meaning that I'll have to drop some serious weight or figure out a way to grow 10 feet taller before they will go ahead. I just haven't found anything that's worked for me in my life right now. Apparently, just paying for a Weight Watchers' membership does not help you to lose weight. I wish someone had told me that. Sheesh.


Jen said...

I hope you have a good reason for a rude AF. My fingers are crossed for you.

Fertilize Me said...

Well, It should like you have a plan - thats hte one i'd suggest - *call the nurse for a beta- fingers crossed

Io said...

Gah. Weight Watchers must be like my Y membership. Apparently the fact that I send them money every month does not get me in shape. Totally not cool.
Sorry about AF being all rude-like.