Monday, February 11, 2008

Well, Who Knows?

AF did not visit over the weekend, so I went to this morning's monitoring appointment hoping for answers. The nurse took blood and then I had my very first experience with the dildo-cam.

The ultrasound tech was very nice, though I was a bit weirded out that she was very, very pregnant. Um, is it supposed to be some kind of a motivational thing? She wasn't "in your face" about it, never even mentioned it, I just happened to look at her scrubs and there was her bellay. Hmm.

The doc came in (very nice and looks totally like Stanford Blatch from Sex & the City) and they conferred and told me that my left ovary has a cyst but is nothing to worry about. Probably just from a burst egg. The right ovary has lots of pre-follicles. Is that their right or my right? Should've asked that.

They did not see a gestational sac, but said that it could just be early, so no definitive answers yet. Waiting for my call back to see what my hormone levels are and what the doc wants to do.

Thanks for all your support on plans and exercising! I've exercised at least 30 minutes every day since Thursday! Go me!


Jen said...

The ultrasound tech at my "hey, you are miscarrying" appointment was pregnant too. So was the check in lady at the appointment where I went to get my blood checked to see if I was Rh negative. They were out to get me that week.

I would say it would be your left and your right. That is always how they refer to mine. If they say right, they mean my right.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that your blood results come back with some good news! :)

hoping for a child said...

sending you positive thoughts.

Io said...

Good job on the exercising, that is awesome. I have um, not exercised every day since last Thursday.