Thursday, June 5, 2008

Adventures in Search Engine-land

I recently was able to get Feedburner to keep track of how people reach my blog. Let me tell you, there are some interesting people out there in cyberspace, judging by what they enter into search engines.

"iui any BMI limit?"
Yes, dear reader. Unfortunately, most fertility clinics have BMI limits in order to attempt both IUI and IVF. As explained by my RE and Elle, my gonna-be-a-doctor sister, this limit is not tied to the ability to get pregnant nor to carry a pregnancy to term, but is instead related to any sedation that is administered during the procedure.

Anesthesia is fat-soluble, meaning that if you are overweight, the anesthesia can be absorbed into your fat cells. Sooner or later, usually after you've already left the clinic/hospital, the anesthesia processes out of your fat cells and you go back into a sedated state (read: not breathing). Hospital lawyers generally frown upon such liability-raising incidents.

I'm sorry that you are having to face this problem right now, especially when you are already on an IF journey. John Dear and I have joined Weight Watchers in the hopes that it will help us both to lose weight.

"mikvah after 6 clean days"
The count that I use, after much reading, as well as a discussion with my rabbi, is 5 days for your period (even if flow is shorter than that time) and then a week of clean days. I go to mikvah on the seventh day. Please discuss this with your rabbi or rebbetzin, as customs differ across communities.

"photo woman 5'3" 160 lbs."
Sorry to disappoint you, the weight requirement might be met eventually, but I'm too tall for your taste. May I suggest My Virtual Model? I use that site to figure out what I will look like at various weights.

And to the gentle reader who searched for "go on crazy gay boys," I would like to apologize for the inconvenience of my blog, which is long on the crazy, but terribly short on the gay boy amenities.


Marie said...

those seaches are so funny I am gonig to have to get off my duff and see who is searching mine.

Io said...

I just totally went to the virtual model site and played for half an hour. Fun.

Jen said...

My Google searches for my blog are never that interesting.

Anonymous said...

I love the gay boy reference... And it makes me really sad to have to admit this, but I had to go look up what a mikvah was. *hangs head*

DC said...

You are cracking me up!

Karen said...

If it's the anesthesia that's the logic for the BMI limit, then it makes zero sense to have a BMI limit for IUI, since there is no anesthesia involved with IUI. As far as I understood, the clinics that do have BMI limits generally have them because an increased BMI simply adds ANOTHER infertility factor and they are trying to reduce those factors.

I'm very glad my clinic didn't have a BMI limit (and I'm surprised you say "most" clinics have a BMI limit, because while I know of a few... most of the clinics I know of do NOT have a BMI limit, merely recommendations). If my clinic HAD had a BMI limit, I would not have been allowed to cycle there. The weird thing is that I gained weight on weight watchers, gained weight on South Beach, (following both religiously), gained weight while on the treadmill every single day... but a triplet pregnancy later and I'm down 70 pounds. So only NOW would I meet the mysterious BMI limit requirements.

As for the mikveh... I've never heard of a community that has a six-clean-day custom. The waiting period is a matter of halacha, not minhag. Definitely right to direct to rabbi/rebbetizin, though.