Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I have in my hands a large piece of blue foil-wrapped chocolate. Handed out by one of my co-workers due to the birth of her first grandchild. Saw the picture. Oohed and ahhed. Asked appropriate questions. Was genuinely happy for her. Go me and personal growth. So, I've got this chocolate. I am throwing it out now. I have not eaten it at all. It is now in the trash can and I am not getting it out. Personal growth stinks.

Roger, John Dear's BFF, called last night so we both got to speak to him for an extended period of time. It's always great to talk to him as we are both friends with him and the three of us have a great time together. Roger lives in Chicago, where he just finished his first year of law school, so I had to quiz him on grades and what he's learned. (It's more than he thinks he has). Roger's going to be doing a summer program in Germany, so we won't be seeing him till August. That stinks, but I'm hoping he brings back lots of interesting stories. See, Roger? The blog isn't always about IF. Sometimes it's about you and your awesomeness. And the fact that you agreed to change all your PINs to "Katko" in honor of spring guns. And that you will become a brilliant criminal defense lawyer a la My Cousin Vinny. Now you have to read everything here. :P

Tornado in the area. Going to go now.

All right, that wasn't so bad. We're just in the middle of severe thunderstorms now and the lights are flickering on and off, so if I cut off in the middle of the post, you'll know why.

Commented on so many blogs yesterday that I don't have to do any today (though I have). Really, I'm just too lazy to post the record.


Marie said...

Good for you for not eating the chocolate I would have gobbled it down and scouted for more!! Ha ha realy no joke.

Jen said...

The chocolate probably wasn't even good chocolate! No loss. But, way to go you! That is a tough thing to do.

Io said...

Good for you throwing out the chocolate. I bet it was no good. Don't get blown away by a tornado!

Fertilized said...

GO You! Personal Growth

Jen said...

Denial of chocolate is, indeed, personal growth! Woo hoo!
Are you all sitting in your bathtub in the foundation corner of your house right now? Keep safe!

Anonymous said...

Tornado??? MAN, you guys have such exciting weather! We can usually manage a bit of light drizzle and a light gust here. We get excited over an inch of snow these days too. Tornado very cool.
Sorry about the chocolate. I know the feeling.

Trace said...

Totally impressed at the chocolate denial.

Meghan said...

Bulk chocolate people hand out is never worth the calories. But I always still feel so full of willpower anytime I pass it up

And isn't this weather ridiculous...if I have to do another 2+ hr commute this weekend I'm quitting!