Monday, April 13, 2009

Typing at A Mile a Minute

Thank you to so many who sent their prayers and good wishes out for my friend. We found out on Saturday that she was awake, breathing on her own and talking a mile a minute. Thank G-D.

She is still in the hospital as they are concerned about some swelling in her brain and she still cannot hear out of her right ear.

Right now, we're praying for a speedy and full recovery so that she can come home soon.

John Dear and I had a nice time at our families' seders for Pesach. We've been pretty observant in our own house and had a fun time at KosherMart yesterday, finding kosher for pesach vegetable oil (yes!).

Our joint therapy session yesterday really focused on JD -- how he was feeling about being a father, using donor sperm, his depression, the job search, etc. I think it was a good conversation. Our relationship has been going really well lately, and I'm glad that something seems to be settled for now.

I am just waiting for JD to pick me up so that we can head over to our appointment with the Doctor to set up our dIUI cycle. OMG, it's really happening! We haven't picked a donor yet, so I'd like to get on that. JD is kind of being passive about everything, and I'd like to not push him, but come on, things need to be decided.

I talked yesterday at therapy that I'd like to narrow down our choices to a small group, then order the info packets on those donors so that we can then pick the one we want. I'm also interested at looking into the photo-matching option that the bank has (they take a photo of JD and look at your choices and pick the one that goes best with JD).

Never did my Sock It To Me post because I was overwhelmed with work and Pesach stuff. Let's leave it at I LUUUUUUUVVVVE my new socks from KateDaphne at Sadness/Euphoria and I love all the wonderful people that I've met in the blogosphere. Hugs to all of you!

Must run.


~Jess said...

I'm glad your friend is doing well, and that you guys are doing well also.

I found that with my husband, he wasn't interested in picking any of the donor stuff. Basically it was all left to me and I showed him which I thought was best and he said OK. I think for guys it's rather surreal and they think of themselves as being replaced, which they aren't. Good luck with isn't easy, that's for sure.

Jo said...

Thank you for your support, and I am glad that your friend is doing better. Hugs to you and JD -- this is such a hell of a roller coaster. My hubby mentioned donor sperm once (his counts/motility are very low), but when I brought it up again he backed off. I think it's a lot like Jess said -- men tie a lot of themselves up in their ability to reproduce, and its a hard dream to give up on, for any of us.


Fertilized said...

So glad to hear about your friend.

and even more glad to hear about your great Easter and Sessions.

LJ said...

Wow! you're really getting somewhere! I am so happy for you two...

Meghan said...

Hope the appointment went well. So glad you and JD are in a good place

Katedaphne said...

Glad your friend is on the mend! Send her my best wishes.

And I am glad you liked the socks -- I fell in love with their fuzziness, I petted them for quite a while before sending them :-)

Should we send your friend a pair?

Love, Katedaphne