Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekly Update

Well, that's what this is turning into -- the once-a-week apology for not posting and the update on my life. Work and life have been spinning me around like a record (baby, right round, round, round).

-My friend is home and the complications continue (the new episode features DVTs [deep vein thrombosis - a blood clot in the leg {what David Bloom died from}] and a rash and swelling [from one of the drugs]). But at least she's home with her family. I've spoken with her a couple times and she sounds better each time. She tells me that she is in less pain and that her hearing is improving. She does have some memory loss, which she finds very inconvenient. It is frustrating that she has to go through so much to get better from this freak accident.

-The appointment with the RE went very well. He's totally on board with dIUI and covered the process and our protocol. John Dear was up and participating and very engaged in the discussion, asking several pertinent questions. I was really happy with him and told him so as we left the doctor's office.

-In terms of choosing a donor, JD and I have had a couple of conversations regarding what our must-haves, would-likes and must-not-haves are. I'm going through the initial search and will present a small group to JD for us both to go through. Being the incredibly anal lawyer that I am, I'm making a spreadsheet for ease of comparison. JD and I will go through it this week.

-JD and I met with the fertility clinic's social worker on Friday and it went really well. Again, JD was up and engaged and talking a mile a minute. The social worker mentioned several times how impressed she was with us and that we had overcome a lot of problems and had really covered possible issues with donor sperm and that we were ready to proceed.

-Once we've got a donor picked, we'll be ready to start at the next cycle!!

-In other health news, JD may need to undergo another surgery on his foot. The physical therapist (who's been a real help lately) has mentioned that JD's currently high degree of pain might be irritation from the three surgical screws in JD's foot. Now that enough time has passed and the bone has fully healed (used to be three bones, but is now one SUPERBONE), the screws could be removed. I hope that this surgery (if that's what the doctor decides to do) will alleviate JD's pain and will be less traumatic than the original surgery. I don't know if we can live through something as bad as the first one without beatings divorce murder MIL moving in. Course, if MIL moves in, all the previous options might still be on the table. ;)


FunkyFrum said...

I'm glad life seems to be looking up!

Clare said...

I'm so glad you're sharing your story about DIUI, it's an option that one day maybe on the table for us so it's great to have your perspective. Good luck with it all. And I know what you mean about the MIL, if that was even a possibility I think one of us would end up in the mad house.

~Jess said...

I'm so glad that those appts went well and that Jd was SOOO involved!

Hopefully the foot thing doesn't end up being much of a deal.

Just Caz said...

Sounds like everything is picking up and moving forward.
Thats so great.
I am definatly a lurker.. but I thought I'd leave a comment.
You know the drill!

All the best

In Due Time said...

I hope your friend feels better soon. I hope things continue to look up from here!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Glad the DIUI is moving forward! For me once we started choosing a donor I felt a renewed sense of hope because the possibility of a pregnancy happening was real! I'm so excited for you and please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or issues.

Parenthood For Me said...

Wow- Lot's going on.