Monday, February 23, 2009

ICLW - Day 3

For an intro to my blog, please see my post here.

Greetings from sunny but verrrry cold Boston! Up here to teach a class at my alma mater on real estate investment. Specifically, I'll be talking about tools once can use to turn bad deals into good ones.

Let me say a big "Yay!" for the expected but hopeful win of Slumdog Millionaire for Best Picture. I watched the show till I fell asleep, somewhere around Best Song (yay "Jive Ho"!).

Sarah Jessica Parker, please meet me at Camera 1. Dude, you are 42. You were not getting married last night. When James Bond has to give you a wide berth due to your dress, it's too large. Stop this nonsense. Thank you.

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Andrea said...

I was so happy for Slumdog as well! Have fun in Boston!


Erica said...

LOL!! I totally agree with you on the Sarah Jessica dress. Pretty heinous.
I loved Slumdog and actually sat at a lunch table today with two women who were pissed that so many "non-Americans" won. One of them specifically said, Slumdog should have been in the foreign film's category only. One nomination! Was she kidding me? I had to say something. I couldn't help myself. Ignorant Americans are the WORST!
Enjoy your time in Boston. :)


Fertilized said...

Oh you are making me Laugh

Anonymous said...

Have not seen Slumdog yet - but am dying to watch it!

I hated Sarah's dress as well - but more the point what was Goldie Hawn thinking??? Those puppies were escaping in a not good way!


LJ said...

Total yay for Slumdog, no question there!

Also, what was UP with all the bridal gown dresses? Penny Cruz had the same issue!

At least my girlcrush Kate Winslet looked fab as usual.

Rebecca said...

Never was a fan of SJP...or her clothing choices. :)


Melissa said...

Hello! I haven't been on in awhile, so I just wanted to say HI! I watched the oscars and was NOT impressed with the musical montage with Beyonce. What did you think?

littleangelkisses said...

Totally agree with you about SJP. Did you see (cough cough) Miley Cyrus? Dude...Oscars, not prom!

Emmy said...

I really enjoyed Slumdog too. I didn't watch the awards, but read about the results!

Happy ICLW