Saturday, February 21, 2009

IComLeavWe - February - Day 1

Welcome and hello to my regular readers and those stopping by from IComLeaveWe.

A short intro for those not familiar with my story: John Dear (JD) and I have been married for 3.5 years and trying to have a kid for almost 2.

IF-wise: we are hampered by severe male-factor (low, low, low motility), and our clinic will not do ART on women whose BMI is resting somewhere between Dayum and Fluffy. I have successfully lost 20 pounds since our diagnosis date. I would like to pursue IUI with donor sperm to avoid John Dear's genetic, medical issues; he's still considering.

Life-wise: JD is currently between jobs (again). Our marriage has fallen on some very hard times. I'm waiting for Candid Camera to jump out of a closet as my life turns into a country-western song.

Come join in the fun and follow along!!


'Murgdan' said...

I love the ICLW intros...always a great summation. :-)

daega99 said...

Hello! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.


Hillary said...

I never asked/ heard -- how low is JD's motility (since my DH's is low, low, low as well I think)? Are his other numbers in normal ranges?

Beautiful Mess said...

Great summary. Good for you for losing 20 pounds. It's not an easy task, that's for damn sure. I hope your husband finds a job soon. We're in the same boat, it sucks!

Billy said...

Thanks for the summery :-)

How annoying of your clinic, but hey, good for you for loosing all that weight!!

Jo said...

I linked to your blog through someone else's last week (I wish I could remember whose, but I read so many!), and I was so intrigued. I will be checking back in frequently to see how things progress.

**My hubby recently asked me if I would be open to donor IUI, something I never considered because I know how much a genetic child would mean to him. I'm wavering. . .your pro's / con's list on your other post helped me a great deal!

Fat Chick said...


OMG, excuse me for one second while my head explodes.

You need to find a new clinic. That is arbitrary and discriminatory. MY BMI rests somewhere between beluga and freight train and that hasn't been a problem for my clinic at all. Dr. Hottie Pants mentioned it during the initial conversation, and so my next question was, "Does that affect my fertility?" and he said, "No, but..." and then said that he'd like to test me for other things - like hyperplasia and diabetes, etc. And I'll automatically be considered a "high risk" pregnancy, but that just means more monitoring (which I'd very much like, since I tend to be a worry wart). And I'd like to also mention that Dr. Hottie Pants is well regarded, the founder and director of the hospital fertility clinic, and the head professor-guy-thing of reproductive medicine at the university. So phooey on your clinic, they should be ashamed of themselves for their fat phobia! /soapbox