Friday, February 27, 2009

ICLW - Day 7

Hosea wins Top Chef? Man, that was unlikely. Hosea is a very lucky man that the judges only considered the meal in front of them for their decision.* Otherwise, the Fish Chef's mediocre performances would have found him out on his arse.

I had been rooting for Carla, the cheftestant who resembles (to me, at least) a Fraggle. I wasn't rooting for her because of her Fraggle-ness, I feel that she's a gifted chef who delivers when it counts. Plus, she's from DC. Hootie Hoo!

I think Carla's problem, however, was in listening too much to Casey. Why would you discount your own ideas for someone who didn't even win the dang competition? Didn't Richard lose last season on a sous vide dish?

I completely agree with the analysts at Television Without Pity that Stefan was never a villain, though the production "elves" tried to twist the editing to make it seem that way throughout the season. His behavior towards Carla during and after the final challenge proves how caring a person he is.

Anyway, congratulations to Hosea on his win and many good wishes to Carla and Stefan. I hope to hear great things about you in the future.

* A criterion that the show's fans have been screaming about and pestering for since the beginning of the show. Now? Now, they decide to do the right thing? Also, many, many thanks to Tom Colicchio for pointing out to Toby Young that he was being a little twerp for wanting a dessert when the rules specifically stated that the cheftestants didn't have to do a dessert.

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Jen said...

Fraggles! Awesome, I miss the Fraggles.

momofonefornow said...

Fraggle. That was priceless. She did look pretty fragglesque.

Shelby said...

I don't watch Top Chef makes me too hungry! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

oh my god! that is exactly what i said to my husband, she looks like a fraggle! and she said she used to be a model! not that fraggles aren't cute, but i don't think they're model material. i was rooting for her too though.

Shtetl Fabulous said...

I totally agree with your TC analysis. The post-production manipulation of character development and villain creation always annoyed me.

Would have much rather seen Radhika, Fabio and Jaime in the finale. They were enjoyable to watch and in the case of the two women, their food always seemed really delicious.

Meghan said...

Happy birthday darlin'!! Hope you have a fantastic day. Any chance you're snowed in and don't have to work???

Kymberli said...

I always thought that Carla's downfall would be that she's too wishy-washy, doesn't stand her ground, and is too influenced by others. That landed her in the bottom three a few times when they were still doing the team challenges. I think that if she had stuck to her style, she likely would have won because her dishes immediately preceding the final challenges were strong. I always though of her as looking more like the Goose from the old Sweet Pickles books than a Fraggle. :)

Happy birthday! :)

kirke said...

I agree! I was totally bummed that Carla listend to Casey. Casey totally blew it for her...I also agree about Stefan. I went into the finale thinking I wouldn't care who won as long as it wasn't Hosea (who seemed like a bit of a whiner. Man, was I bummed.