Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cow Time

I resemble a large cow (more than I usually do) because I'm chewing gum to ease the heartburn. Not sure why this works, but it does and I'm sticking with it.

I'm feeling very, very fat. Found out my weight on Tuesday night after a long time of not knowing (we don't have a scale at home). It's high. Not the highest it's ever been, but it'd be nice if it were lower. Must start walking regime.

Nausea is basically mild, nothing I don't experience on a regular daily basis anyways.

Dizziness is still there. This merry-go-round is so low budget. There aren't even those lame horses that don't go up and down.

Other symptoms are ongoing, but nothing funny or notable to report on them.


A Few Good Sperm said...

I feel the same way. Trust me. Seems like my thighs are growing...WTF? I too am gonna start walking more regularly. If this works out you won't see any 'cute' belly pictures from me because I don't think it's so cute when you already have a belly like I do. Oh well.

LJ said...

I'll walk with you at lunch if you want? I need to as well..

PJ said...

Not much of a gum person, but I'll try anything! I actually have acid reflux disease, and cannot take my regular meds because of the pregnancy.

I don't know if it's nausea or more like hunger pangs, I'm just hungry all of the time. I had a big ole' bacon egg and cheese bagel for breakfast and was hungry two hours later. Like hungry as in I'd have eaten my own arm off if there wasn't food available.

I am sure that if I ever make it to the OB (knocks on wood), they will give me greif about my weight. I've read though that if you start off, um, ample, that you don't have to gain as much.

calliope said...

apples really helped me- and the extra fiber? bonus ;-)
am thinking of you tons and will be thinking of you even that much more as friday nears.

~Jess said...

Definitely seconding the apples: Glad you're doing all right....I'll be thinking even more about you for tomorrow's beta.

Hillary said...

You sound so pregnant :)

Leah said...

No news on the 3rd beta yet? I'm heading out of town on vacation and I need an update before I go! Eeeeeek!!! :-)